32% of marketers say they’re effectively executing enough content.  Furthermore, content creation itself along with its management claim the 2nd largest portion of digital marketing budgets. That’s a recipe for disaster: a big ol’ budget and still not enough content.

Saving Yourself From Disaster

What will save you from this content marketing disaster? The answer is really three-fold. Content Curation The first component is content curation. Curation fills in the gaps between when you aren’t creating content with high-quality 3rd party content. The second piece is repackaging and repurposing your premium content. By using R&R, you’ll get much more mileage out of the content you’re already creating. The final piece of this puzzle is something we haven’t touched on yet here on the Stryde Blog. Typically, the most fundamental practices are the ones that are most often overlooked. And few things are more fundamental than the practice of repromoting your content.

What To Repromote

Not every piece of content you create is going to be heavily repromoted, or even repromoted at all. Certain types of content lend themselves to an expiration date. These types can be anything from contests to event recaps. It just doesn’t make a lot of sense to repromote a contest that has ended or an event that happened 8 months ago. Industry updates are another piece of content that you probably won’t want to spend much time repromoting. Once news has broken, revisiting it weeks later doesn’t give the appearance that you’re on the cutting edge of your industry. So, what content does that leave you with to promote? Plenty! The best content for repromotion is typically called “evergreen” content. Evergreen means just as it sounds: it will, for the foreseeable future, remain of high value to your target market.

Where To Repromote

Repromoting can occur on any channel you occupy, but the most popular method of repromotion is through social media platforms. Twitter is one of the easiest platforms to repromote upon, as you can select different quotes or angles from you piece of content, and Tweet it out again and again. Tweets on Twitter are buried very quickly, which is why repromoting here frequently is essential. Along with social channels, repromotion can also occur through your company’s newsletter or email marketing. Including a snippet and a link to evergreen content within an email sent out to customers is a great way to reach an already interested audience. It can also allow them to catch up on any content you’ve created that they might have missed.

When To Repromote

While repromoting is crucial to content marketing success, the last thing you want is to shove the same piece of content in front of your audience over and over again. People don’t want to see that, I know I don’t want to see that! It just doesn’t create value for your company or your customers. This makes your approach to timing of repromotion very critical. If you’ve already promoted a piece of content via a social channel, try sharing the repromotion at a different time. Repromotion really gives you a chance to A/B test what times work best for reaching your target audience on social media. Sharing at different times is a great way to mitigate the risk of consumer content exhaustion. Another way to mitigate the risk is to use a different image, quote, or angle in the copy of your share. The new verbiage could attract a new set of eyes that would have otherwise scrolled right past your content. Once again, it’s a great method to A/B test titles, too. As you can see, content repromotion is an essential facet of every content marketing initiative. How are you planning and organizing your repromotion efforts?]]>

Laurel is a member of the executive team at Stryde. She's been doing digital marketing for businesses for 10 years. Two years ago, she started set up her own ecommerce business selling baby gowns and knows the struggles of a small business owner. She loves talking about digital marketing, content, SEO, and conversion rate optimization.