Email is still a large driver of revenue for ecommerce businesses. At Stryde, our approach to building a lucrative email list and supporting marketing strategy focused on building your brand and encouraging customers to spend more money with you. We do this by launching targeted automated email flows that provide lasting value to your business.

Below is a breakdown of some of our core automated email flows.


We focus on building a lukewarm email list through creatively placed sign-up boxes throughout your website.


Once emails have been collected through strategic placement, all emails are funneled into a New Customer or Welcome email flow. The main intent of this set of emails is to build trust and credibility with your brand and to entice these new users to turn interest into purchases. 

This flow typically contains three to five emails. The first email is primarily focused on thanking the customer for engaging with your brand. The second builds hype and excitement surrounding your product. The third provides clear instructions of how to use your product. The fourth will provide social proof that your product is popular and well-liked amongst consumers, and the fifth email will introduce new content or related products. 


Customers love to do their research before they are willing to take the leap and purchase. Social proof adds an extra layer of trust to your brand, so having a long list of reviews will only boost engagement with your current and future audience.

After a customer has purchased a product, it’s prime time send them an automated email asking them to write a review about what they just bought. At Stryde, we help build and create an automated product review email flow that cultivates an engaged and responsive audience.


A promotional email flow’s primary focus is to bring attention to an exciting brand announcement. Whether you are showcasing a new product, an exclusive offer or a screaming good deal, engaging your customers through a promotional email can be a great way to boost sales.


An abandoned cart email flow is exactly what it sounds like. It is an automated email flow containing two to three emails that is sent to remind users who left something in their cart to come back and make a purchase. This is the time to pull out your persuasion skills and share why your product is something they cannot live without. At Stryde, we help you position and format these emails to earn potential lost revenue.


We develop performance metrics for your eCommerce campaigns and track the data you need to know. We’ll segment your campaigns, monitor performance of open and click-through rates, and watch for spikes in subscribes and unsubscribes — so you can make informed decisions with real-world info. We have strategic partnerships with Klaviyo and Drip that offer robust reporting in order to track revenue at each stage of our workflows so that each step of the flow can be optimized for conversions.