You’re not a small business, and neither should be your SEO strategy. Organic search is one of the largest traffic and revenue generating channels for large enterprise sites. eCommerce purchasing behavior is set to skyrocket as traditional retail stores are shutting down and becoming heavily impacted by the current situation. Is your site in position to take advantage of consumers using Google to research, find and purchase products online? 


Enterprise SEO is an in-depth, large-scale search engine optimization strategy. When your business is operating at a global scale, you need an e-commerce SEO agency that can build a strategy that is robust and as far-reaching as your business.  Working with our team of marketing professionals we take a holistic approach for more robust and long-term results. This means we focus on expanding your organic search footprint through a deep analysis of your current processes, tool integrations, automations, development sprints and workflow, analytical data collected, and your overall organic marketing funnel from top to bottom. Once we analyze internal and external data points, we’ll build an SEO roadmap that outlines the areas of focus and high, medium and low priorities based on potential impact on rankings and revenue. 



We also work to protect your current search footprint. Google’s algorithm is constantly in flux so we aim to build an SEO strategy that goes well beyond just product search and transactional search queries but also includes content creation to optimize for informational searches and featured snippets. 



As a large-scale business, the primary benefit of having a specialized enterprise SEO agency is that your brand can have a robust strategy and be presented at nearly every stage of the customer’s buying journey. As a result, your company will be seen as a trusted and reputable brand from the research phase all the way to the complete purchase stage.  As an enterprise it can be extremely challenging to run traffic generating PPC ads because bidding on thousands of keywords can and does cost millions of dollars every year. Organic search can generate massive amounts of traffic and revenue at a fraction of the cost.    Our team understands the unique needs of an enterprise level business, so we have built a 4 pillar approach to SEO.

When we begin to work with a new business, we start with a deep dive into your website and determine which levers we need to adjust based on quick fixes versus building a long term SEO roadmap. The four areas or pillars of enterprise SEO we look at are site optimizations, content creation, technical and link development.  


Enterprise SEO starts with strategic keyword selection. Google’s algorithm has come a long way, and search engines can now more easily understand semantic relationships between words and common phrases. The introduction of Natural Language Processing (NLP) has provided search engines a way to interpret intent behind a user’s search.  This means your business should focus on selecting keywords for each page that are most relevant to the user’s intent.



We work alongside your internal team to identify head keywords and long-tail keywords that best represent the users’ search intent for your product pages, category pages, subcategory pages, product display pages, blog pages and more. 

Head Keywords: High search volume, harder to convert.

Long-Tail Keywords: Low search volume, easier to convert.


After we have identified and grouped head and long-tail keywords to specific pages, we will work to build those keywords into the site optimizations and copy on your website. Enterprise organizations tend to have a large range of products, categories and support resources, so this level of optimization can be time consuming and costly, so it is crucial to find a balance of automation versus manual site optimizations. We incorporate enterprise SEO platforms and software solutions to improve efficiency and effectiveness. The core enterprise SEO tools we leverage includes: 

Conductor – Enterprise SEO and content marketing technology that provides deep insight to search intent to help you take action across digital channels to help increase visibility and drive revenue. 

DeepCrawl – Enterprise web crawling solution that diagnoses and fixes technical and performance issues. 

Screaming Frog – Web crawling solution to find broken links, discover duplicate content, track redirects, review robots and directives, generate XML sitemaps and so much more. 

SEMRUSH – Keyword research tool that provides an in-depth analysis of your performance, trends, organic and paid search keywords. 

AHREFS – Comprehensive tool that provides insight into your backlink profile, paid search traffic and organic search traffic trends


Make every word count. Stryde’s content strategy will help lay the foundation for your website to be seen and your message to be heard. Our in-depth ecommerce SEO content audit looks at thin or duplicate content that could be impacting your site negatively, reviewing FAQ and questions being answered on your site to make sure it matches up with quick answer boxes, identifies areas to expand content on product, category, and blog posts, and more. As part of our audit we look at all aspects of content on the site to understand and prioritize where to focus our efforts. This helps us build a content strategy that strengthens your current content, organizes it to best be seen by search engines, and identifies areas to build new content to attract more customers to your site.


Keyword selection and automation are not effective without high-quality content to support your optimizations. 

When it comes to working with 5,000 plus products it can seem overwhelming to optimize for each one, so enterprise businesses make the mistake of using generic or duplicate product descriptions. In some cases you are using the same supplier as numerous other sites, so chances are you will have the same product descriptions as the site you are competing with.

Stryd’e will analyze your website and perform a gap analysis that will highlight specific areas on your website that require additional copy or updated copy. This will include an identification of what type of content needs to be created to better support the keywords you have selected.


Site structure is important to both usability and findability for your target audience. Sites that lack a comprehensive structure run the risk of users not finding the information they are looking for. Remember if your users can’t navigate your site, neither can Google search bots.  To best help your business, we will review how your site is currently structured and provide customized recommendations.


Page Speed

Page speed is one of the most critical factors that impact a site’s visibility in Google search. With Google switching to a mobile first ranking system, it is critical your pages are properly designed and monitored for the best organic results.  Websites with an increased site speed see higher conversions and lead to a more positive user experience.  Our team of SEO specialists will monitor and provide clear recommendations on how to optimize page speed and decrease load time.

Crawl Budget

Crawl budget refers to the number of pages a search engine bot will crawl and index within a specific time frame. Crawl-related problems can greatly hinder the search engine’s ability to monitor and index the most critical content before the crawl budget reaches capacity.  Our team will help you define the proper crawl rate for your website to ensure your most popular pages are crawled and indexed most effectively. 

Meta Robots Tags

Meta robot tags are pieces of code that tell crawlers how to crawl and index your website. Our team will help build a tagging structure that best guides search engines to follow and index your pages appropriately.  Indexation-Controlling Parameters We Consider:

  • NoIndex
  • Index
  • Nofollow
  • Follow
  • Nosnippet
  • Nocache




As an enterprise business, you likely have several high quality backlinks from trusted websites within your industry. While this is extremely effective, you can take your backlink strategy to the next level with an increased emphasis on head keyword anchor text. 

Our team will build a backlink strategy that focuses on improving your external links with anchor text optimized for the main keywords you’ve selected to focus on. This strategy includes unlinked mentions, newly acquired backlinks and updating current backlinks.



While it is important to focus on backlinks, internal linking is not a force to forget. Internal linking makes it easier for search engines to find new pages and users to be guided to more relevant content on your site. Internal links give your visitors a reason to dwell on your site longer and in turn can lead to higher rankings.