Bloomberg. So if that really happens, you might be forced to watch advertisements before you continue seeing what some of your friends are eating for lunch. This just adds to the low satisfaction Facebook users have with the social site compared to Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.

Why this is bad for social media marketers

If people even become more dissatisfied with Facebook, they’ll quit it at some level. If they quit Facebook, or even if they don’t check it as much, they will see less and less of you. If you’ve built a large Facebook following, you could potentially lose a significant portion of that audience. And this could really happen over night. If you don’t think so, consider MySpace, Digg, RSS feeds, etc. Even competing social media sites, like Instagram and Pinterest have stolen Facebook users’ time. People are spending less time on Facebook when they are also going to these other sites. When you depend solely on third-party platforms to interact and build an audience, you are at their mercy. You want to do everything to protect and keep your audience and followers, and you can never depend on someone else to do that for you.

Build a blog. Keep your audience

To keep your audience, build your blog, get more subscribers and build an email list. This is the only way to keep your online audience engaged with your brand for the long term. If you depend on a social media site, eventually you’ll lose them. “Facebook is awesome and all, but you’re beholden to the powers that be at Facebook, and your content is only seen by your fans some of the time (EdgeRank). With the blog you own the real estate. 100% of visitors to your blog will see your content. You control the entire experience. You can (should) share your blog content on FB, twitter, etc, but the blog is where it all starts,” said Dave Bascom, Fit CEO. Aside from keeping your audience, a blog is a much better place to engage your audience anyway. They aren’t distracted by everything else going on in the social media world. You have call to actions within one click, and can provide customers and potential customers a unique experience that can build your business.]]>

TJ has worked in the digital marketing space since 2006. He has worked at a number of agencies and and helped hundreds of clients grow their business through SEO, PPC, Social Media and Content Marketing. He currently lives in Lehi , UT and enjoys spending time with his family.