The mission at IdealShape is clear: “To be the simplest and easiest weight loss solution, and to help one million people to achieve their ideal shape.” For over a decade, IdealShape has helped people lose weight with affordable delicious products to ultimately live their ideal life.

IdealShape + Stryde

IdealShape has enjoyed consistent and predictable success from its handful of email drip campaigns. While a conversion was likely after potential customers moved through the email drip campaign, finding new outlets to fill these funnels were running short.

The IdealShape blog was consistently updated with new content, but the team knew it lacked direction and purpose. Furthermore, the content rarely ‘grew legs’ unless some amount of paid promotion was driving traffic. IdealShape needed to identify content types and promotion channels that lowered their acquisition cost and filled their email drip campaigns with customers.



IdealShape established a strong sales funnel but they looked to Stryde for help connecting paid and organic search channels so both could benefit. A plan was needed to maximize their paid acquisition channels, STRYDE implemented these solutions.


Interactive and highly relevant content, with continuously optimized and A/B tested promotional campaigns.

  • Interactive Content Creation

After identifying the most successful email drip campaign in terms of conversions, our team researched, outlined, and crafted an interactive quiz based around one of IdealShape’s top-performing eBooks. The quiz included a strong call to action allowing us to capture emails addresses entering customers into their successful email drip campaign.

  • Content Recommendation Engine Promotions

Content recommendations engines can be a fruitful promotion channel, as long as you have the right content. The highly interactive quiz was the perfect piece of content to promote via Outbrain. We knew that with daily monitoring and optimizations, IdealShape’s acquisition cost could be greatly decreased.

  • Email Drip Campaign List Development

Through optimized paid promotions, we were able to guide users from taking the quiz to email submission. After these customers entered the email drip campaign, IdealShape was confident in the existing campaign’s ability to convert customers to purchase.


Decreased Cost Per Click 

  • 39% Decreased Cost

Cost Per Email Acquisition 

  • 13% Decreased Cost