There are millions of e-commerce websites today. Of those, only 2% are a great fit for our strategic digital marketing program. Those who qualify enjoy a 20% lift in sales in their first 4-6 months of engaging with us.

In order for us to do our best work and set ourselves up for success, we only onboard 6-8 highly qualified clients per year. Read on to see if you’re a fit.


Ecommerce business owners and marketing managers of businesses who sell product primarily to women look to Stryde to help:

– Reduce customer acquisition costs on Facebook, Instagram, and Google by improving marketing funnels, audience targeting, and incorporating compelling copy and creative.

– Increase search engine rankings by improving keyword relevance and working with third-party websites & bloggers to get links back to their websites.

– Improve website conversion rates through continual landing and product page testing.


– Hires us for our deep industry expertise and trusts our approach to digital marketing and our process that we’ve refined over several years.

– Hires us to help formulate and execute a multi-channel digital marketing strategy. They understand that a marketing strategy that focuses on one channel is not the ideal way to acquire customers at the most cost-effective rate.

– Fully understands their business, knows who their target audience is, has well thought out and data-backed growth goals, and a target customer acquisition cost that we can work towards together.

– Understands that value does not only come from a return on investment but from industry education, validation of ideas and concepts, and consultation that happens regularly.

– Understands that a strong digital marketing strategy requires resources from both parties and is quick to deploy those resources to update websites (design & technical), produce creative, etc.

– Is proactive about having open, honest dialogue about things that are working and things that are not so resolutions can be made quickly.

– Is interested in growing together. They expect and welcome their statement of work and marketing budget to grow and expand as they do. They are generous in providing introductions and referrals to those in their networks who fit our ideal client criteria.


– A brand new business trying to learn and validate their product idea or existence. We prefer not to waste time and money trying to put a product in front of an audience that may or may not buy.

– A business that is a little freaked out about spending money and investing marketing dollars into their business.

– A business that’s slowly dying. Our solution is not a last-ditch effort or hail mary meant to save a company from going out of business.

– A business with low-priced products and tiny margins. Trying to generate a return on marketing dollars invested is incredibly difficult.

– A business obsessed with watching hourly revenue/traffic numbers, ROAS, etc. They understand that digital marketing is a long game and aren’t obsessed with short-term peaks and valleys.

– A business that needs to micromanage and scrutinize every dollar spent and detail of our strategy/execution. We both have more important things to do.

– A business in the supplements, food & beverage, and weight loss industries. These have been a huge swing and a miss for us. We don’t want to waste your time and money.


– We don’t do “think it overs”. If you’re not 100% certain going into this that you need to invest in digital marketing to scale your business over the coming years, then we’re not going to be a good fit.

– If five, six, seven thousand dollars a month marketing budgets “freak you out” then we’re not going to be a good fit.

– If you’re not thinking “these are my people” or “this is my tribe” after reading through our website, case studies, blog content, and having a discovery call, then we’re not going to be a good fit.


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