More and more people are shopping online, and if you’re in the ecommerce industry you know the importance of getting your product in front of these consumers. Pay per click (PPC) combined with Google shopping advertising is a dominant force in serving retail-related ads to audiences ready to purchase. We’ve developed a system and processes that are geared toward online retailers. 

At Stryde, we believe you should only pay for Google ads that encourages an audience to convert. Below we breakdown our five-step process:


In order for a PPC campaign to be successful, it is crucial that it’s set up in an organized fashion. Campaigns should focus on product groups, and ad groups should focus on specific products. All campaigns should be opted into one network only (search, display, etc.), and any day parting, networks settings, bidding, average search position or geo-targeting should be adjusted to reduce CPA while increasing purchases from paid search.


We also perform extensive keyword research to build the list of keywords in the account. When we assign keywords to specific campaigns, we make sure each keyword has two different match types: broad match modified (BMM) and exact match. This allows us to make sure each campaign is targeting one theme only, and allows consolidation so the account is easier to manage. We check search query reports daily for any keywords that are wasting a significant amount of money and adjust accordingly.


Our PPC specialists work to create succinct ad copy that is enticing and informative. They focus on creating two-three ad variations with various call-to-actions and unique selling points to help determine the most effective ads to place in front of your audience.


Google Shopping Ads typically outperform traditional PPC ads. The key to having a successful shopping campaign starts with your data feed. If your data feed is easily accessible and can be optimized then we can help with your shopping campaigns. We’ll manage your bids for each product level to help boost sales for top performing products while reducing wasted spend on products that don’t convert. We’ll make sure each product is included separately with its own bid. We will also review negative keywords daily by looking at the search query report for any keywords that are wasting a significant amount of money.


Finally having a strong remarketing campaign set in place can make a significant difference in ecommerce PPC campaigns. Most consumers begin researching products they want to purchase. This means they might come to your site and take a look and leave before they make a purchase. If you have an effective remarketing campaign set in place, you can stay in front of the consumer while they research so you can stay top-of-mind when they are ready to make a purchase. We’ll watch all placements closely and exclude any that aren’t driving any conversions.


Once we do an in-depth audit of your paid ad accounts, we’ll determine the biggest opportunities with each area of focus and build a roadmap for how we plan to impact your Google ads. This roadmap becomes our strategy and guides how we clean up, structure and organize your account to reduce your CPA while increasing your traffic and revenue to the site. Get in touch with our team and we will run an initial audit to determine if we are a good fit.